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Dino Zara
Dino Zara

Designer based in Namur, Belgium. Working on digital projects with a solid experience in the industry, I strive to create beautiful and useful products for everyone.

  1. Sea Shepherd - Design Exploration design typography simple minimalist webdesign web website ui
  2. About Page - Design Exploration design typography minimalist simple webdesign web website ui
  3. Loathe - Design Exploration metal band simple minimal website web typogaphy ui design
  4. SuperSport S - Design Exploration motorcycle ducati typography ui design minimal webdesign web website
  5. Ghost Of Tsushima - Design Exploration web videogame design exploration font minimalist webdesign website ui
  6. Experience - Slider minimalist ui font webdesign web website
  7. La Casa Del Desierto - Website building architecture webdesign minimalist website ui
  8. Sweet Home ux design minimalist website ui
  9. Arkk Concept sneaker shoes arkk minimalist web landing
  10. Project in the Spotlight publications news spotlight website webdesign web ui simple building architecture
  11. Series website webdesign web ui simple tv series movies slider hero
  12. Building one page minimal contrast minimalist building
  13. Fifa '19 Landing Website electronic arts ea landing website futball football soccer fifa ui web design
  14. Landing page concept website webpage webdesign web ui simple landing
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